ACEN!!! Recap

Well a little later then i was hoping but here it is the Recap of all the news i got from ACEN!! =D

For funimation i guess the 2 main things were they gotten the rights to Eureka seven: AO =D. Then they also got a movie called the King of Thorns which seems pretty intersting if you want to see a trailer for it go to the funimation site.

Last during the Q&A section of the funimation industry panel my friend got up and asked about the Index/Railgun dubs and how long we should have to wait for them and they said that they finally got the things they needed to finally get started working on them and we should be seeing them earliest fall/winter =D i cant wait for that.

NIS America has licensed Bunny Drop

And Aniplex is re-releasing the Baccano Bluray set

other then that there wasnt anything that interested me xD

but ACEN was alot of fun and anyone who has ever thought about going to a con but hasnt i highly recommend it =]

till next time =P


Awesome Weekend Ahead

Im heading to Acen with my friends this weekend its gonna be EPIC and ill post any updates i get from the industry panels in my next post when the weekend is over so look forward to it =P

Have an Epic weekend =D

Anime News 4/22/12

So here is another week of Anime news for ya

Not to much has happened this past week but next weeks post will be full of information since ill be going to ACEN =D

The manga Bakuman ended last week it was a good ending but i wish there was more

The 22nd volume of Shakugan no Shana was thought to be the last volume but it seems like the staff has something else planned and while the main story is finished there will be at least 1 more volume but who knows maybe more =]

Not to much “good” news this past week hopefully when i come back from ACEN next weekend ill have some really good news for everyone =]

Anime News 4/14/2012

So here it is my first of a hopefully somewhat regular posting schedule =P (dont get your hopes up though lol)
so recently i have learned that Key is having another one of their games made into an anime (some of Key’s previous works were clannad, angel beats, kanon just to name a few) this one is called Little Busters. Now the best part about this is that J.C.Staff is working on the project =D (and if you cant tell i love J.C. Staff). So im really looking foward to that.

And then Oreimo (Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai) is getting a 2nd Season =D this one im really looking forward to seeing as the first season was amazing =].

Some news for the To Love-ru fans out there the 2nd manga series Darkness has been green lit for an anime (still not sure if it will be a TV anime or an OVA release series, im kindof hoping they do it as an OVA series so they dont have censor every thing lol) hopefully they will stick to the story which has been pretty good so far.

Fan’s of 5pb’s visual novels will  be happy to know that thier newest game Robotics;Notes which will be released June 28th for xbox360 and PS3 owners in japan will also be getting an anime adaption this october. Im a big fan of Steins;Gate and i really liked Choas;Head so im pretty sure Robotics;Notes will be just as awsome but something intersting i found out is that the little girl nae from Steins;Gate will be making an apprence in Robotics;Notes which makes me wonder is there gonna be some kindof connection?

Now for some amazing news….

Wait for it

All of nisioisin’s monogatari novels have been green lit for anime production. Now thats alot of novels to produce into animes/movies/OVA’s whatever ive only watched half of bakemonogatari so far and its down right EPIC and ive heard nisemonogatari is just as awesome so i have a good feeling about all this.

Now for some news for the DVD/Bluray buying lovers =P

Aniplex has licensed Bakemonogatari (nothing has been confirmed if its a dub or a sub release but for their sake i hope its a dub release ^_^)

Aniplex has announced they will be doing a rerelease of orimo since they completly sold out of their first batch (hopefully they will do a dub of it since it is so popular)

Section23 (aka sentai filmworks) is going to dub and release the world god only knows season 2. i still need to pick up season 1 which i have been waiting to get lol.

Sentai is doing a clannad after story bluray release FINALLY!!

Dark House comics will be releaseing the orimo manga and the Blood-C manga

Funimation has aquired the rights to the 2nd season of kore wa zombie desu ka (is this a zombie?!) of the dead. im still waiting on the first season to be released on dvd/bluray though =].

And i think thats it for all the good stuff =P check back sometime next week or the week after and ill hopefully have another post ^_^



well i fail xD

okay so its been a very very long time since i have posted and i doubt anyone actually reads anything except for the few people that found my school days summary =3 i think i might have saved them 6 hours of their life xD hahaha anyways i originally planned to have this blog as a review for anime’s and to keep up with anime news but instead of anime reviews because i suck at them and i keep forgetting to do them im slightly changing this to be a blog for a game i am slowly working on making ill post info and screenshots and stuff when i have them all i can tell you right now is that it will be an RPG everything else is still up in the air but i have a good idea of what im gonna do with the stuff I have be working on. im going to make the game in RPG Maker VX Ace at first once im confident that it is a full game and the plot works and all quests work i will be making it in a better game engine and sell it under my soon to be made company it will take some time and if i gain some support along the way that’s just a plus right =]. but along with updates on the game i will be posting the anime news that i love and get the word out to people who don’t have the sources that i have =P. the anime news posts i will try to do once a week starting sometime this week. I will also post a bit more info on the game later this month so look forward to it. =]

and with that said have an awesome day =]

Web Design Class Week 1

So Today i Started my Web Design Class so far it seems like most of it is stuff that i already know the basics of hopefully i will learn some more advanced stuff come later in the course of the semester. But as of right now im basically taking this along with my class tomorrow which is a Intro to Game Design class to see do i want to be a Web Designer or a Game Programmer. Hopefully taking these 2 classes will get me to a decision for my career path.

Anime im watching! Fall Season!!

So after making this blog i posted one thing and then haven’t touched it since >.< well im gonna try to change that hopefully im not good with blogging so dont expect tons of new posts but ill post stuff every once in a while =]

So its already half a season into the summer season of anime and ive only been keeping up with a few but very good shows.

1st up is Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni. Baka to test is on its 2nd season and its just as good as the first season. If you arent familiar with Baka here is a basic overview. The setting is Fumizuki Academy which is a very unique school that takes pride in its academic achievements. Classes are divided up by test scores and the higher your scores are the better classroom and better equipment you get. The show follows the students of class F and shows their everyday life while struggling with the conditions of their run down classroom.

The 2nd show to mention is The IdolM@ster. This show i picked up because everyone had a huge hype about it. So i decided to watch the first episode and i wasnt impressed but i never give up after 1 episode. The 2nd episode came around and it was 100x better. IdolM@ster follows the idol studio 765pro. The studio has 10 girls who are trying to become Idol’s, while each has their own talent they also have thier own challenges to overcome in order to become Idol’s.

The 3rd show and my 2nd favorite of this season is Kamisama no Memochou or as Sentai Filmworks has dubbed it Heaven’s Memo Pad. Memochou is a detective show but the main detective is a NEET hacker. Its a very modern detective show which focuses on the use of technology to solve requests instead of looking around town for clues. Alice doesn’t like to leave her small room unless it is absolutely needed so she has her assistants do all her running for her. All her assistants are also NEET’s except for 2, one says he is a NEET but from what we do know he can not be considered an offical NEET. While the other assistant doesn’t want to be called a NEET. Memochou is absolutely amazing and i recommend seeing at least the first episode.

The last show im watching is Blood-C. After watching Blood+ 2 years ago and hearing Blood-C was by the same people i had to check it out but so far it has yet to satisfy me it might just be because of how Blood+ was but im not sure. The show has gotten better after the 5th episode so hopefully it will keep getting better. Before the show even aired they announced that there would be a half season and a movie they probably based that on the fact that blood+ did pretty well. The only thing that im completely confused on is the fact that there is no connection between the two Blood series but both main characters are named Saya. This confuses me i keep waiting to see if there is a hidden connection but so far nothing. All in all if you loved Blood+ give this a shot but dont have high hopes for it.


There are a few shows that i might check out later but im kindof looking into them to see if they might be any good. They are Mayo Chiki, Dantalian no Shoka, Ro-Kyu-Bu!, Kamisama Dolls!, and Yuru Yuri. If anyone has any opinions on any of them please let me know =]

In other news i got my copy of Eden of the East Paradise Lost today im soooo happy and next week im getting Spice and Wolf season 2!!! im super happy!! Anyways one of the shows i mentioned in todays post i will try to do a review of after it finishes but seeing as i suck at posting and reviews i dont know if that will happen =P