ACEN!!! Recap

Well a little later then i was hoping but here it is the Recap of all the news i got from ACEN!! =D

For funimation i guess the 2 main things were they gotten the rights to Eureka seven: AO =D. Then they also got a movie called the King of Thorns which seems pretty intersting if you want to see a trailer for it go to the funimation site.

Last during the Q&A section of the funimation industry panel my friend got up and asked about the Index/Railgun dubs and how long we should have to wait for them and they said that they finally got the things they needed to finally get started working on them and we should be seeing them earliest fall/winter =D i cant wait for that.

NIS America has licensed Bunny Drop

And Aniplex is re-releasing the Baccano Bluray set

other then that there wasnt anything that interested me xD

but ACEN was alot of fun and anyone who has ever thought about going to a con but hasnt i highly recommend it =]

till next time =P


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