School Days Summary

Okay so i just recently watched the anime School Days for those of you that don’t know it’s based off of the eroge by the same name if you’re expecting a review of this anime then you’re in the wrong place im going to give a full-blown summary of the show because i believe no one should go into this anime blind they should know what is going to happen or not watch it at all and just read this summary or people can just ignore it i personally don’t care but i feel like i need to do this.

     Image above is Makoto Ito

The anime starts in a normal school setting where the main character Makoto Ito is starting a new term at school and on his way to school on the train he notices a girl whose name is Kotonoha Katsura (picture below on the right). Makoto thinks she is really cute and one day takes a picture of her because there has been a rumor going around about if you take a picture of the girl you like and no one notices it for 2 weeks then you will end up with that person. So while in class sitting next to his classmate Sekai Saionji (image below on left) he kept looking at his photo of Kotonoha and Sekai noticed and asked him if that was a phone charm.

He was surprised that she noticed and with a defeated look on his face he said yes. Sekai laughed and asked how long has it been since the picture was taken and that’s when Makoto told her that he took it earlier that day. Sekai said sorry and then declared that she would help him get together with Kotonoha since she recently became friends with her. The next day Sekai told Makoto that Kotonoha was gonna join them for lunch on the rooftop and even though Makoto didn’t want to he was dragged by Sekai. During lunch Makoto finally got to talk with Kotonoha and later that night decided to tell her that he liked her.

The next day while waiting for the train Kotonoha walked up to Makoto. Makoto then confessed his feelings to Kotonoha who then says yes to his confession. When Kotonoha tells Sekai about it she says she is happy for her but looks somewhat disappointed.  Makoto waits for Kotonoha after school by the train station and Sekai comes up to talk to him he tells Sekai that he is grateful for all her help in getting him and Kotonoha together and he asks her if there is anything he can do to repay her. After much pondering Sekai  goes and kisses Makoto and says that is enough of a repayment. Makoto was completely stunned by this and waits there till Kotonoha arrives. Over the weekend Makoto and Kotonoha go on their first date and Makoto never being on a date before drags her around to all the places that he likes so Kotonoha doesn’t have much fun and when they part ways Makoto tries to kiss Kotonoha but the doors close on the train before anything can happen.

The next day Makoto tells Sekai about what happened and she got mad at him because he didn’t think about Kotonoha’s feelings at all. She then said he was hopeless and gave him tickets to a movie so he can take Kotonoha. As Sekai leaves her friend Setsuna Kiyoura (picture on left) asks if Sekai should have asked Makoto to the movies instead and Sekai responded that she doesn’t have enough free time for that while walking away.

Makoto takes Kotonoha to the movies and Kotonoha wanted to see a zombie movie but Makoto thought she wanted to see a romance movie instead. As the movie goes on Makoto keeps thinking about what Sekai told him that in the dark of the movie theater if you put your arm around her the both of you will eventually gaze into each others eyes and kiss. So Makoto tries to put his hand on Kotonoha’s but ends up squeezing it instead and then tries to kiss her again but Kotonoha is shy and was surprised and ended up slapping Makoto. Makoto doesn’t understand what he did wrong and ends up being depressed and tells Sekai about what happened and Sekai gets mad at him again. She tells him that a girl is delicate and you have to take it slow and go at their pace if you end up going to fast you will end up hurting them. Makoto doesn’t understand and just wants to do perverted stuff with Kotonoha.

Sekai then decides to give Makoto a special lesson. Makoto is confused but then Sekai tells him that she is going to teach him how to initiate a kiss while with Kotonoha. After a bit Makoto goes in to try to kiss Sekai and just before their lips touch Sekai pushes him away saying its only practice and to do the real thing with Kotonoha. Makoto was kind of sad by that comment but doesn’t push it any farther.

As time goes on Makoto and Kotonoha hang out more but Makoto wonders if this is all okay since their relationship isn’t advancing at all. Then one day on the roof Makoto and Kotonoha kiss and Makoto starts to grab Kotonoha’s breasts but Kotonoha isn’t ready for that and pulls away and says sorry. Makoto is upset by this and talks to Sekai about it. Sekai then tells Makoto that he is trying to move to fast and then decides to give Makoto more special lessons. This time the Special lessons end up with Makoto starting to take off Sekai’s clothes but before it can get to far Makoto’s cell phone rings and Sekai stops it before it gets to far by saying that Makoto is with Kotonoha.

Makoto starts to think that his relationship with Kotonoha isn’t going how he wants it to and then starts thinking about Sekai. He then confesses that he likes Sekai more and Sekai replies that she has always loved him as she kisses him. Kotonoha hears this while watching though the doors window and ends up getting really sad. Makoto starts ignoring Kotonoha and starts hanging with Sekai more. Eventually Sekai and Makoto start having sex whenever they are able to all while Makoto is still with Kotonoha but is trying to avoid her so he doesn’t have to deal with the situation. While all this is happening Kotonoha still believes that Makoto likes her and is ignoring the fact that she saw him and Sekai kissing. Makoto and Sekai decide that they need to tell Kotonoha about them and for Makoto to break up with Kotonoha but its harder than they thought because Kotonoha really loves Makoto.

The other class rep of Makoto’s class got injured and can no longer help with the festival that is coming up so Setsuna asks Makoto to help with the festival so Makoto agrees. During the festival  meeting Makoto and Kotonoha’s gaze’s meet but Makoto quickly looked away. After the meeting Kotonoha went up to Makoto and tried to make plans with him and Makoto was gonna say it was okay but Setsuna said that Makoto already had plans to meet Sekai at a restaurant. Makoto told Setsuna that he didn’t and she said that he told Sekai that they were meeting her there. Kotonoha sent Makoto an email and before Makoto could respond Setsuna took the phone away and blocked Kotonoha’s number and he said that she didn’t have to go that far. Setsuna response was that Makoto was with Sekai now and she wants to see them happy so Makoto should stay away from Kotonoha.

That night Kotonoha goes to Makoto’s house to ask him if he will dance with her at the festival because rumor has it whoever dances at the festival together will be together for a long time. Makoto told Kotonoha that he would think about it and this makes Sekai upset and she leaves Makoto’s apartment. She then runs into Kotonoha and Kotonoha slapped Sekai and told her to stay away from Makoto. The next day Sekai is feeling bad about being caught and stays home from school and spends the day thinking about her encounter with Kotonoha. Makoto goes to Sekai’s house and tells her that what they are doing isn’t wrong but Sekai thinks it is wrong that he is cheating on Kotonoha. Later Kotonoha goes to Makoto at the train station and asks Makoto if he would like to touch her breasts and if he will dance with her at the festival. Makoto says that he will and Kotonoha becomes very happy. During the first day of the festival Makoto’s class runs into so problems and have to clean up and fix their classroom so Setsuna and Makoto go out to get supplies. On their way back Setsuna tells Makoto that she is moving to France soon and that she wants Makoto to take care of Sekai. They get back to the classroom and start to fix it up and after everyone leaves Setsuna notices that Makoto is sleeping against the wall. She tells herself that she wants to make a memory for only herself and kisses Makoto while he is sleeping. Kotonoha saw this happen and was about to ask why but gets interrupted by a fellow classmate and by Makoto waking up. Kotonoha threatens to tell Sekai about the kiss with Makoto and Setsuna tells her that it isn’t her problem and its between her and Sekai.

On the last day of the festival Makoto keeps trying to get Sekai to take a break with him and she eventually gets fed up with him trying to grab her ass so she knees him in the balls and he goes off and wonders the festival. While he walks around the school he meets up with his old junior highschool friend Otome Katou(picture on right). Otome has had a crush on Makoto since Jr. High and wants to ask him to dance with her at the end of the festival. Makoto doesn’t know what to do but Otome takes Makoto to the “lounge” which is a place for new couples to go. After Otome and Makoto have sex she asks him if he will dance with her at the end of the festival to which he replies that he has too much on his mind and runs off. At the end of the festival during the bonfire Sekai asks Makoto if he will dance with her and he says yes. Kotonoha sees the two of the dancing and is heartbroken. Makoto’s friend Taisuke Sawanaga takes advantage of Kotonoha’s fragile emotional state and begins undressing her and takes advantage of her.

After the festival Makoto and Setsuna are throwing out the trash and Kotonoha is there at the same time. Setsuna forces Makoto to break up with Kotonoha which he does by saying it would be better if they didn’t see each other anymore. Kotonoha threatens to tell Sekai about what happened before but Setsuna goes and kisses Makoto trying to make Kotonoha belive that Setsuna and Makoto are together. Makoto then gets a text from Otome to meet her in the gym storage room which he goes. Setsuna goes looking for Makoto and overhears Makoto and Otome having sex in the storage room. Kotonoha beings to act strangely at home and it worries her little sister. Setsuna goes over to Makoto’s house and tries to convince Makoto to remain faithful to Sekai but then Makoto forces himself onto Setsuna. Setsuna at first resists but then gives in only after Makoto promises to break up with Otome. Sekai was invited to the Basketball clubs party and during the party it showed video footage of the “lounge”. Sekai saw Otome and Makoto together and then goes to track him down only to run into Kotonoha whose eyes are completely lifeless. Kotonoha tells Sekai that Setsuna and Makoto are together and Sekai doesnt belive its true she thinks Kotonoha is lying.

Sekai starts skipping school because of what Kotonoha told her and how she say a videotape of Makoto betraying her. While Sekai starts skipping school Makoto starts sleeping with many of the girls that are in his school . Kotonoha has started to become completely delusional and even though Makoto blocked her she thinks that she is sending emails and receiving calls from him. Meanwhile Sekai goes threw her messages from Makoto and shortly throws up and she thinks it’s because she is pregnant. The next day she goes to school and tells Makoto that she has his child in her and he is surprised and doesn’t know what to do. Sekai gets mad and screams that he has to take responsibility for this child which the rest of the class heard and soon the whole school heard about how Sekai is pregnant.  As a result all the girls start to ignore Makoto because they don’t want to be seen in a bad light. Eventually Sekai warms up to the fact that she is carrying Makoto’s child and seems happy about it.

Kotonoha tries to call Makoto again but even though her number is still blocked she thinks the call went though and invites Makoto out underneath the christmas tree in town. Otome goes and visits Makoto’s house and tells him that he is not the same Makoto that she once knew and loved. Otome then takes her leave. Makoto goes for a walk and tries to call all the girls in his contacts list but none of them will pick up. As he keeps walking he ends up where Kotonoha was waiting for him. Makoto finally realizes that he has severely hurt Kotonoha and he hugs her and says he is sorry. Life returns to her eyes and Kotonoha finally smiles again while hugging him back. Makoto and Kotonoha go out and eat dinner and a restaurant and during that time Sekai calls Makoto telling him that she made dinner and for him to come back home. Makoto tells Sekai that she has ruined his life by getting pregnant and for her to go back home and to stop playing the girlfriend role. Sekai texts him an apology and then destroys all the food that she made by throwing it on to the ground. As Kotonoha and Makoto go back to his place Sekai catches a glimpse of them together on the train and rushes back to his house.

Sekai gets back to Makoto’s apartment and both Sekai and Kotonoha get into an argument which then Makoto chooses Kotonoha over Sekai and kisses Kotonoha in front of Sekai. Sekai leaves the apartment heart-broken. Later on Makoto texts Sekai and tells her that Kotonoha knows of a good hospital and hints at the fact that she should get an abortion. The next day Sekai texts Makoto and tells him that she wants to seriously talk to him. Makoto agrees and they meet at his apartment. Makoto tries to start a conversation but Sekai is lifeless so he says he is going to make tea but Sekai goes to make it instead. Sekai sends Makoto a text message which he has to get up and go into the other room to get. He opens the text and it’s from Sekai it reads “I’m sorry” he then scrolls down and it says “Goodbye” Makoto turns around only to see Sekai lunging at him with a knife in her hands. After stabbing him once he fell onto the ground and she repeatedly stabbed him another 6 times before stopping.After Sekai stopped stabbing him she saw that he was crying and she ran out of the apartment back to her house. Kotonoha trying to get ahold of Makoto gets worried and goes to his house only to find him on the floor dead.Upon seeing Makoto’s dead body she then sends a text to Sekai using Makoto’s phone asking her to come to the schools rooftop. Sekai heads to the school’s rooftop only to find a bag sitting on the bench she then is confronted by Kotonoha. Kotonoha asks Sekai if she went to the hospital she recommended and Sekai told her she would never go there. Kotonoha then accuses her of lying about being pregnant but Sekai says she would never lie about something like that. Kotonoha tells Sekai she should say that to Makoto and told her to look in the bag. Sekai looks into the bag only to find Makoto’s severed head. Kotonoha then revels a bloody dozuki and goes towards Sekai and in response Sekai takes out the bloody knife used to kill Makoto but is over powered by Kotonoha. Kotonoha sends the dozuki right at Sekai to finish her off once and for all.

Kotonoha then cuts Sekai’s head off in an act of revenge for everything that has happened.

After Sekai’s head has fallen off Kotonoha wants to prove that Sekai was lying about the baby and cuts open her stomach to reveal the womb only to find that nothing is in it and prove that Sekai was lying.

At the very end Kotonoha ends up going on her father’s yacht with Makoto’s head laying in her arms saying that they can now be together forever.

Well that is my summary of School Days pretty gruesome and messed up huh. Now I only included the most important parts of School Days there are some that do play a role that i didn’t include but with this summary you get a good idea of what the anime is about from start to end if your still interested in watching it even after reading this then by all means go ahead but for most i think just reading this will be enough.

Overall i give this anime a rating of 3/5 it has a good storyline the characters are well-developed even though i wanna kill Makoto but i guess Sekai beat me to it huh xD

well anyways this is my first blog post im gonna try to write more stuff mainly reviews of anime i watch this will probably be my only summary of a show only because i think people need to be warned about this anime before they watch it anyways hope somebody actually reads this and comments i would love comments =3